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eBook: The Agency Advantage - Leveraging Skills for Success In-House in Pharma

Have you spent years immersed in the agency environment and are now contemplating a shift in-house to a pharmaceutical company? Maybe you're a recruitment agent with candidates boasting extensive agency experience, eager to guide them through the transition. Alternatively, you might simply be curious about the dynamics of working in-house. Well, the wait is finally over! This book is your key to unlocking valuable insights into the advantages that agency experience brings and how seamlessly it translates into the pharmaceutical industry. I am here to demystify the intricate and often perplexing terminology used in Pharma, providing clarity and accessibility. Additionally, I share invaluable hints and tips on how to successfully land your first in-house role. Get ready to embark on a journey of understanding and seizing new opportunities in the Pharma world.


The Book

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Written by 

Sian Kneller, Medical Affairs Director at GSK and former agency medical writer.

Foreword by 

Alex Butler, Co-founder of Foundry3 and former industry professional.

"This is a really nicely written and considered guide, that has lots of really helpful insight (and a few names I recognise!) and it is also hugely practical. I am really sure that many people will find this really unintimidating, friendly and honest guide will help them work in the pharma industry transitioning from an agency environment." 

Alex Butler, Co-founder, Foundry3

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"I wish I had this book when I moved from agency to client side! Will be so valuable to many and I already have a few people I will recommend this to!"

Monisha Sodha, Integrated Insights Lead at Roche

"Thank you for sharing your wonderful book 'The Agency Advantage'. It's informative, digestible and action-oriented - CSFs that are key for a tool like this. I'm sure so many will find it invaluable! I wanted to share my gratitude with you for making it freely available."

"I have already finished your book and shared it with a colleague. It's invaluable for someone like me currently contemplating the next step."

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