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Looking to pivot from agency into Pharma?

Are you working in an advertising, medical communications or PR agency?

Maybe you're fed up with agency life, the constant deadlines and sometimes feeling like you are a million miles away from the strategy or the patients? You are not alone! You may be thinking of moving in-house to a pharma company but have received rejections or maybe you don't know where to start? The Agency Advantage is here to help! 

Turning your agency experience into your greatest asset!

While it may seem impossible to make the move into Pharma, I am here to tell you that your skills and knowledge are 100% transferable and provide a great foundation for Pharma, and I can provide you with the tools and insights into making this career pivot possible. I made the move myself nearly 10 years ago and I have interviewed people from across industry and in different functions and crystallised these insights into my eBook, online courses and various guides and templates.

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Why you'll love it:

Help identifying your path forward including your values and where your strengths lie

Decoding the complex world of Pharma structure and terminology

Identifying transferable skills and applying them to applications and interviews 

Real-world insights from industry professionals

Practical guidance for your career journey, including career consultation and tips for how to succeed in your new career

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About me

Hi I'm Sian, I am a Global Medical Director I started my career in agency around 20 years ago, first as a medical writer and later as an editorial director. I am also an introvert. I would say I don't fit the typical mould of a corporate/Pharma success story but that provides a unique opportunity as in my opinion, and I may be biased, agency experience provides a fantastic foundation for Pharma. I can write papers, I have an excellent knowledge of what is compliant and what isn't, through pitching I am used to coming up with creative ideas at pace. I have worked across therapy areas and I've had to upskill myself quickly. I have a broad skill set outside of medical communications from advanced video editing, social media planning and website building. I am also not alone, if you are here likely you have some of these skills and more. 


What people say about The Agency Advantage

"I wish I had this book when I moved from agency to client side! Will be so valuable to many and I already have a few people I will recommend this to!"

Monisha Sodha, Integrated Insights Lead at Roche

"Thank you for sharing your wonderful book 'The Agency Advantage'. It's informative, digestible and action-oriented - CSFs that are key for a tool like this. I'm sure so many will find it invaluable! I wanted to share my gratitude with you for making it freely available."

"I have already finished your book and shared it with a colleague. It's invaluable for someone like me currently contemplating the next step."

Go for your dreams and land your dream job in pharma!

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